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Understanding Progress When It Comes To Our Health And Happiness

Understanding Progress When It Comes To Our Health And Happiness

We are a society that loves instant gratification. That’s part of the reason why we struggle to lose weight, get through school, stick with a single job and other things that take years to accomplish. We want results and we want them now. Even if we start to see improvements, it’s not enough and we end up giving up and going back to bad habits that got us into most of our problems in the first place. The problem is we do not really understand what progress is because we only think of the before and after.

Progress is improvement of any kind, regardless of how long it took. If you were told that you would lose only a pound a week you would say that’s not good enough. But if you were told that you would lose 50 pounds over the course of the year you would be proud of that accomplishment. They are the same exact thing, but we don’t see it that way, we see limited progress made each week rather than the end result.

We have to understand the areas we want to improve in, how to improve in them and then track that improvement. For example, your goal is to lose weight so you begin by buying hundreds of dollars worth of healthy foods and hitting the gym on your first day for a two-hour session. Even if you make it past the first day or two chances are you are going to give up because it’s too hard to do. However, if you would have just set a goal to workout 30 minutes a day and reduce your calorie intake by 25%, you would start to see real progress and change in a few weeks. You have to make reasonable goals with your health and then stick to the work that needs to be done to achieve them, regardless of how long it takes.

A great quote on this matter is “no matter how slow you are going, you are lapping someone sitting on the couch.” That’s very true and you need to keep that mindset as you get going. Look at the areas you want to see improvement on in your life. Write them down on paper and next to them write the date along with what you are going to do to improve those areas. Keep track of your progress and then a month later see where you are. If your goals are to save $5,000, lose 40 pounds, read a few books and so forth, what’s wrong with having saved $500, lost 5 pounds and read half of a book after a single month? Understanding progress and being proud of it is the key to real improvement and if you can get on board with that, you will reach your goals.