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Natural Healing And Working With Your Primary Doctor

Natural Healing And Working With Your Primary Doctor

Perhaps you have considered giving some natural healing remedies a try, but you still want to consult your primary MD. This is someone you’ve been going to for years and you trust their opinion. That’s fine but remember one thing, you are trying something different, something they may or may not have a lot of experience with. Their opinion is important but they may not have the training to say on whether or not this is worth a try.

Obviously, this will be broken down on a case by case basis depending on what is ailing you and what you are trying to treat it with. For example, your MD will probably have no problem if you try yoga and some oils to treat back pain. They may have a much different opinion when it comes to a chronic disease. You are trying to heal your body and you want to do it in the most effective way possible. Keep in mind that natural healing isn’t against the advancements of modern medicine and technology, sometimes it’s an alternative treatment and sometimes a valuable addition to standard treatments.   

Online research is important and it can provide you with a lot of useful information. However, it’s always a smart idea to take some time and make sure that you are consulting with a doctor before trying anything you found online, especially if it has to do with medications. Changes in diet, improvement in sleep and getting more exercise are examples of changes most everyone in medicine can agree on.  All health care providers have the same goal, helping you to get happier and healthier. There is valuable in having several on your ‘healthcare team.’

Remember, your doctor is going to recommend what they have experience using, not something they’ve never heard of or ever recommended before. If you are unsure whether or not there is a natural remedy or something that will assist in the healing of a condition, be sure to consider natural doctors as well.  In some states, like Washington, naturopathic physicians (NDs) are also primary care providers and can offer the best of both worlds!