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Making Real Change In 2018

Making Real Change In 2018

As hard as it is to believe, 2018 is upon us and more than likely we are going to have similar goals to what we had for 2017; lose weight, get more active, eat healthier, make more money, travel more, etc. That’s a long list of stuff to do and the problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that we are trying to completely change our lifestyle over night. For most of us, it cannot be done. We spend years developing a lifestyle that we grow accustom too. It’s not that we enjoy it, it’s just what our mind and body becomes use to and that’s why it’s so difficult to change.

For example, you know that the day after you eat a pizza and drink alcohol you are not going to feel good. However, you have this need to do it because it’s part of your routine. You know these are unhealthy choices but something in you makes you compelled to do it, almost fearing what may happen if you do not do it. That’s the problem all of us face when we try to make real change in our life and the New Year’s is just another Monday where we feel compelled to try and an impact and get off on the right foot.

So how do you really make a change?

You have to understand why your body and mind relies on these bad habits. It gets something from these decisions whether it’s comfort, security or something else. You have to show your mind and body that there is a better reward out there for doing something different but it takes time. Don’t look at changing your lifestyle; don’t even look at changing everything in your life. Focus on making three changes that can make a difference:

  • Replace half your beverages and one meal: If you are a fan of diet soda or coffee or anything other than water, then try to replace at least half of those drinks with clean water each day. Mix it in before and after lunch and drink another glass with dinner. As for the meal, rather than going out to lunch every day, try to meal prep and make something healthy. This saves you money and time waiting in line each day.

  • Get 30 minutes more sleep: This is the one people fight about the most because we always say we do not have enough time. Make an effort, get to bed a half hour earlier each night and force yourself to rest. Put down the phone and turn off the television.

  • Walk for 30 minutes a day: Whether it’s in the morning, during your lunch break or after dinner, try to commit 30 minutes to walking each day. Nothing crazy, no fancy outfits, no hills or anything complicated, just walk.

If you do this for the first month you will notice a significant difference in your energy and attitude. Because you aren’t drastically trying to change things at once, you’re not going to get the same resistance you would get when you try a new diet. Even better, after the first month you will notice such an improvement that you will be more motivated to make further improvements and the best part is, you are already a month into it.

It can also be extremely valuable to get support for these changes.  Naturopathic physicians (NDs) educate their patients about healthy choices and lifestyles strategies to make this year’s resolutions last well into the New Year and beyond!