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Let’s Talk About Stress & Anxiety

Let’s Talk About Stress & Anxiety

Why do we overeat, spend hours on the couch watching television, drink and indulge in other bad habits? Some of it gives us pleasure but for most of us, it’s the escape from our problems, our stress and anxiety. We eat an entire pizza and a bowl of ice cream because it’s what our mind tells us will make us feel better. We have a few beers because we believe that’s the best way to forget about that tough day of work.

What if the things we do to relieve stress are exactly the things that are adding to our stress? Have you ever woken up with a hangover or an upset stomach from a night of drinking or overeating? It’s not a pleasant feeling but we tell ourselves it’s what was needed to unwind. You then get on the scale and feel even worse about your “relaxation” habits. It’s time to get serious and talk about why you are stressed and anxious. It’s not because work is tough, it’s not because of bills, it’s not even because of all the responsibilities that are on your shoulders, it’s because of the routine, the routine you cannot break out of and you are desperately searching for a change.

Rather than smoking a cigarette, ordering the burger for lunch or having a couple beers or a glass of wine tonight when you get off work, why not try something that’s healthier and really helps you feel better? Why not challenge yourself to try something new for one week, just one week and see if you start to feel better? Eat a salad and go for a walk on your lunch break. Get to bed 30 minutes earlier this week. Don’t drink any alcohol and this weekend, go to the park and read a book. It doesn’t seem like it will make that much of a difference until you actually do it.

We are so focused on instant gratification that we forget everything takes time. Start off with making this week count for something more, developing healthier habits and finding better ways to deal with your stress and anxiety. The results will be there and you will be happier with them.