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Is It Time To Skip The Gym

Is It Time To Skip The Gym

We all have goals to improve our health. Sometimes we get off on the wrong foot and that dooms our chances of making a successful transition. It can start with our plan. For example, we are used to a steady routine of junk food and sitting on the couch. It’s crazy to think that starting next Monday you will be able to immediately eat nothing but healthy food and go run for an hour. Building a successful routine takes time and sometimes we have to ignore the common trends that others use to maintain and improve their health like going to the gym.

A Diet Isn’t A Diet

First off, a diet has nothing to do with what you’re eating today. A diet is what you eat every day. If you eat pizza three times a week, then that is your diet. So stop thinking of ‘going on a diet’ and instead think of ‘adjusting your current diet.’ Your goal is to get healthier and that’s going to take time. The good news is that you can start making improvements right now. For example, if you drink soda throughout the day, try cutting that in half and switching it with water. That cuts hundreds of calories and a lot of sugar from your daily routine and you are not doing anything crazy.

Workouts To Be Done At Home

What happens when you go to a gym, especially if you are out of shape? You get on the treadmill for ten minutes, thinking it’s going to be thirty. While you are there you watch everyone walk by, all those people who are in better physical condition then you are. Your mind begins to mess with you.  It reminds you of all the reasons this isn’t going to work.  It tells you you’re too busy, or you have plans on Wednesdays and can’t go to the gym.  Then there’s your cousins wedding next weekend where you’ll be eating unhealthy…. so why get started now? You need to eliminate this stress and start off gradually - at home.

Working out at home is the best place to get started because it’s a private, calming atmosphere where you can push yourself and workout on your own schedule. Developing a routine whether it includes yoga, lifting weights, walking or jogging around the neighborhood, and other activities will allow you to build the confidence you need to get off on a good start.

Remember, the first thing you are doing is breaking bad habits. You’re eliminating the consumption of soda, alcohol, sugar and other substances that are not healthy for you. The next step is to utilize 30 minutes a day to get some form of exercising, even if it’s just taking a walk. Planning your meals and even cooking 4 days’ worth of lunch is also a great way to save money and stick to your new strategy. Be patient, develop a real plan with realistic expectations and you will see results.