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Is It Time To Go Natural?

Is It Time To Go Natural?

The grocery store can be an interesting place. You walk in and head to the produce section to get some fruits and vegetables. You notice that right next to what you are grabbing is a small section of organic options. You grab your produce and move to another aisle. You go to grab a box of cereal but right next to your box are natural options as well. It’s on every aisle, and almost every product you buy has an alternative option.

Finally, you head to the checkout line and as you’re standing there you see magazines showing natural recipes for meals. It’s everywhere and you see more and more restaurants offering alternative options as well. Did you miss something; are you supposed to be doing something different as well? What does it mean to go natural and should you be doing it?

We have all grown accustomed to a lifestyle, however healthy or unhealthy it may be. If you do not exercise, eat junk food and play video games, then that’s your lifestyle. If you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and spend a lot of time in nature, then that’s your lifestyle. For a lot of people, they felt that they needed to change something in their life. They wanted to do more than just eat healthy and exercise, they wanted to make a real change.

The chemicals we put in our bodies affect each of us differently. These chemicals are in our water, our food, our soap, our sunscreen, our toothpaste and everything else we put in or onto our bodies. They are also in our medications. Some are not harmful; some are needed to treat a chronic condition or ailment. Some are just there because of convenience. It’s easier to buy canned veggies that are designed to last for years then to buy fresh produce. However, what’s the trade off? Are we really putting healthy vegetables into our bodies?

There are several reasons why people consider making the switch. It could be that you are tired of feeling worn down, have no energy or are battling weight issues or chronic ailments. Another reason is the fact that when you speak to someone who’s committed to a healthier lifestyle you see a completely different person, more energy, better health, better skin and a different attitude. Whatever your motivation is, it’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to make the switch and try something new.

Naturopathic physicians (NDs) are experts at helping you create a healthier lifestyle and, wherever possible, finding natural alternatives to the synthetic, chemical-filled products and medications so common in today’s world.