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How Organic Foods Help You To Lose Weight

How Organic Foods Help You To Lose Weight

Almost every adult, at one time or another, has tried a new diet with the goal being to lose weight. Whether you are trying to lose 5 pounds or 50, you have tried diets based on recommendations, commercials you’ve seen or by speaking with your doctor. The new trend that seems to be gaining traction is to eat natural and organic foods, not just because they are healthier, but because they help you to lose weight. But is that true?

There are two plates on a table. One plate has grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans. All the food was cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper. The other plate has the same thing with the only difference being that it is all organic and was prepared with organic products. Is one lower in calories and fat than the other? No, they are exactly the same in that regard. So how is the organic food going to help you lose weight?

It’s all about mindset. The person who eats the regular food is more than likely going to have some diet products and a cheat meal or even day. The person eating the organic food is more likely to eat healthier throughout the week. That means no diet soda, low fat products that are high in sweeteners, juices, breads and artificially engineered foods. Remember, our bodies are like machines and they are going to run based on the type of fuel we put into them. Yes, you can lose weight without eating organic products, but it’s all about the lifestyle you are trying to commit to.

If you are that focused on what you are putting into your body, you are not going to have as many “cheat” meals, you are less likely to consume “diet” products and you are going to be more active throughout the day as you are still providing your body with the fuel it needs to thrive. One of the biggest reasons diets fail is because people are still eating poorly. They substitute candy bars and bags of chips at 3 in the afternoon with a baked or sugar free version of that food. Then your body is demanding you replace that sugar or fat.

By eating things like fruits and vegetables you are giving your body what it needs to create energy and helping it to get away from the processed foods that it’s grown accustom to. This is how you can use organic and natural foods to not only get healthier, but help you to lose weight. Remember, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon and it will take time but if you commit to eating healthier, you will see results.