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Homeopathic Medicine in Seattle and All of Washington State

When it comes to finding quality information about natural doctors and homeopathic medicine in Seattle, or anywhere in Washington, there is a scarcity of quality, reliable sources from which to choose for patients today. This is where Find a Natural Doctor comes in. For over 80 years, the WANP has been providing resources for the residents of Washington on homeopathic medicine, natural doctors, and state laws regarding naturopathic alternatives. We believe patients should be allowed to choose the type of care and medical advice they want and should know the laws that pertain to both modern and holistic medicine. We would like to address a few questions regarding homeopathic medicine you may have. For more detailed information about the training, practices, and explanation of what a naturopathic doctor is and what they can do, feel free to visit our FAQs page.

How is Homeopathic Medicine Different than Traditional Medicine?

Homeopathic medicine focuses on a patient’s wellbeing as a whole and uses the power of nature to help with the healing process. Natural doctors focus on healing inside and out, and look to use alternative, natural medicine and methods whenever possible.

Will my Natural Doctor Only Prescribe Homeopathic Medicine?

All of our natural doctors are trained and licensed in traditional and homeopathic medicine to create a powerful combination for each patient to help with the entire healing process. We build on the foundational tools and knowledge of natural medicine, combining both natural medicine and techniques with modern medicine and practices to give each patient the best possible quality care.

Is Homeopathic Medicine Covered by my Insurance?

In the state of Washington, the state-regulated healthcare plans are required to cover naturopathic physicians and medicine. However, every insurance plan is different, so be sure to research your insurance before making an appointment.