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We live in a stressful world and for many of us, the only way to get a break from it is to park ourselves in front of the television, have a couple of drinks, smoke, binge eat or do something else that’s not healthy. The fact is that as a society we are spending billions of dollars a year on ways to release stress, even if we do not think of it that way. Stress is a part of life but some of the ...

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You’ve been thinking about adding more organic foods to your diet. You spend hours each day reading the advantages, you speak with friends who love how they feel since they started doing it and you’ve even tried a few organic dishes and you love the taste. So, what’s stopping you? Price is one of the biggest reasons people haven’t made the switch yet. Naturally grown foods usually cost mor...

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One of the biggest complaints made by adults is their lack of sleep. We are constantly tired and each day begins with a promise to get to bed earlier that night. Then we get home from work and know that the night will be dedicated to cooking, cleaning, finishing up work, doing laundry and watching television. We head off to bed at the same time we did the night before and the cycle repeats itself....

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The grocery store can be an interesting place. You walk in and head to the produce section to get some fruits and vegetables. You notice that right next to what you are grabbing is a small section of organic options. You grab your produce and move to another aisle. You go to grab a box of cereal but right next to your box are natural options as well. It’s on every aisle, and almost every product...

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