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The Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP) is the non-profit professional association that has been representing NDs in our state since 1934.  A primary mission of the WANP is to make sure the citizens of Washington have access to naturopathic medical care.  FindaNaturalDoctor.com is our new website and it makes finding a naturopathic doctor (ND) easy for you and your family. Naturopathic physicians offer individualized, comprehensive care that takes into account more than just a single symptom or diagnosis.  Your ND is educated and licensed to provide primary care and most of our doctors have general practices, seeing patients of all ages and conditions.  NDs are able to take histories, perform physical exams, including PAPs smears and routine physicals.  They order lab tests and diagnostic imaging (ex. x-rays and MRIs), and they refer to specialists whenever necessary. If you’ve never been to see a naturopathic physician, you’ll find the approach is unique.  Much more time is spent getting to know you, teaching you about your body and wellness and offering you tools to take control of your own health.   Naturopathic treatments tend to focus on the cause of poor health and may include the following:  diet and exercise counseling, nutritional and herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies and pharmaceutical prescriptions when appropriate.  Some NDs also offer manual treatments, such as joint manipulation and physiotherapy, for treatment of pain and musculoskeletal issues. All of the doctors on our site are naturopathic physicians licensed by the State of Washington and members of the WANP.  Since finding a doctor is a very personal decision, we encourage you to look through our directory, visit our doctors’ own websites, call their offices to ask about their services and get a sense for who can best help you. This website is offered as a service to the public and there are no commercial interests sponsoring the site, no products for sale and no advertisements.  We welcome your feedback and hope that you find this useful!