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5 Not So Crazy Natural Changes We All Should Make

5 Not So Crazy Natural Changes We All Should Make

Wearing yoga pants, drinking tea and eating hummus may not be your thing. That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things we can learn from people who live a more natural lifestyle. You do not have to completely follow these methods, but you can take a look at some of them and see if and how they can make a positive impact on your life. These are five ideas we can all utilize, regardless of what lifestyle we prefer:

  1. Cut back on medications: You cannot ignore the facts and the facts are that medications help millions of people to feel better and heal. However, it’s also a fact that you are putting a chemical into your body. Obviously, if it’s something you need then you need to stick with it. But if you can cut back, perhaps trying some natural remedies to treat a headache or cold, it could have long-term benefits for you.

  2. Know what you are eating: If you do not want to buy organic chicken breast that’s up to you. However, that doesn’t mean you need to buy the canned, frozen or otherwise processed chicken that’s already breaded and comes with ten different flavors. Simply getting regular chicken breast and preparing it yourself if a better alternative to what we eat. Your food shouldn’t be a chemistry experiment with ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

  3. Plastic isn’t your friend: Do not throw plastic containers into the microwave. That’s a big tip. If you can reduce your use of plastic, then that’s even better. Obviously, it’s going to be hard to completely get rid of it but if you can switch to glassware for your lunches and dinners, it’s a big step.

  4. Healthier habits: Any doctor, whether they are a naturopathic doctor or not, is going to encourage you to quit smoking, cut back on the drinking, get more sleep and eat healthier. That’s not a crazy request as it’s been taught to us since we were children. Another thing you can do is drink more water. Too much coffee and soda is consumed throughout the day and simply drinking more water and eating more real foods can make a world of difference.

  5. Moments, not materials: A great lesson that comes from a more natural lifestyle is to collect moments, not materials. Sometimes we find ourselves working harder for that big screen television when we can get a smaller one and take the extra money to go out and explore our town, our state or even our country. Don’t get caught up on material things, enjoy yourself and get out there.

Changing around your entire lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you can start making these changes you will see a big difference in how you feel and function throughout the day.